Spiritual & Social Uplift – Sunday Sabha

Spiritual & Social Upliftment - Sunday Sabha

On Sunday 08/07/2018 as per the regular schedule the weekly sabha was conducted. All the students gathered in the Prayer-hall and started singing dhun. The sabha started with invocation of God with Shokas. Then the students enchanted Mantras and sang some bhajans. All were engrossed in singing Bhajan and God. It was a beautiful, calm and divine environment. After singing Bhajans Sarvahit mam narrated a few words about the topic of the day and the speakers, Ms Maitri Gajjar (XII)  and Ms Sakshi Dave (XII). The topic was TIME MANAGEMENT.

We were honoured to have the presence of P.Sahaj Didi and P.Sarvajeet Didi in Sabha. Their presence is always delightful and spreads spiritual vibrations. First of all Ms Maitri Gajjar shared many beautiful views and ideas to manage our time in a fruitful manner. It was about how to utilize our time wisely and avoid wasting of time by doing gossips, backbiting, doing nothing, etc. She also added that if we feel frustrated at times, our hobbies can help us to come out of it. We should not waste our time as well as that of others’. It was indeed an inspiring talk. Thereafter, the former Head Girl Ms Sakshi Dave expressed her views on the same topic. She talked about how we can get motivated towards use of time wisely. She shared many incidents from Swamiji’s life. It was a rousing and encouraging talk.

After that P. Sahaj Didi spoke about a Chinese man Pema Tshering born with the disease of Cerebral Palsy whose upper limbs are paralysed. Didi also showed us Pema’s video. Mr Pema didn’t lose hopes. He learnt carving and painting with his feet. He also learnt archery. He is a great inspiration to all of us. Didi also shared an incident about a boy born with eyeball hanging out of his eyes which has no remedy in the medical science. It was because of Kusanskar and bad deeds like misuse of time and harassing innocent people. P.P. Swamiji blessed him and helped to overcome bad Prarabdh. He became alright after a six months of time. Didi taught us not to indulge in unnecessary talks and not to harass any one instead help others and make optimum use of time.

In the conclusion of the sabha P. Sarvajeet did appreciated speakers’ efforts and content too. P. Sarvajeet added the punch line to the topic : “Ordinary minds talk about people, Extraordinary minds talk about Events and Ideas”. Didi also told us to avoid procrastination and work towards the goal. Didi also inspired us to enrich our English and speak better English. P. Sarvajeet didi herself is an inspiration for all of us for speaking English.

Then we prayed in the lotus feet of God to inspire and motivate us to manage our time, make a plan for our studies and give courage to follow the plan. Here, we concluded the Sunday Sabha.

Compiled and written by
Anami Hoberstorfer (VIII) & Viranchi Desai (VIII)